Female Ancestors

Lake Hollow's Hattie

Lake Hollow’s Hattie

Hattie’s Pedigree



Lake Hollow's ZoeyLake Hollow’s Zoey

Zoey is the product of seven generations of my own litters. She’s one of the most beautiful and superb dogs I have ever owned.Zoey’s Pedigree


Lake Hollow's LacyLake Hollow’s Lacy

Lacy is a beautiful black and white dog by Lake Hollow’s Dylan and Lake Hollow’s Sadie. She is a very natural bird dog and nice retriever with a really fine disposition.Lacy’s Pedigree


Lake Hollow's Allie

Lake Hollows Allie

Whelped 5-01-09 by Lake Hollow’s Harry and Lake Hollow’s Katie.

Allie’s Pedigree


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casey-crockettIdaho Casey Crockett

By Crockett’s Deepfreeze and Back East

sallyLake Hollow’s Sally

By Ding How and Idaho Casey Crockett

sadieLake Hollow’s Sadie

By Pacesetter Solstice and Lake Hollow’s Sally

callieLake Hollow’s Callie

By Idaho Western Sun and Idaho Casey Crockett

gemLake Hollow’s Gem

By Lake Hollow’s Harry and Lake Hollow’s Callie

hersheyLake Hollow’s Hershey

By Idaho’s Sunrise Magic and Lake Hollow’s Callie