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Lake Hollow's AllieLake Hollow’s Allie

Whelped 5-01-09 by Lake Hollow’s Harry and Lake Hollow’s Katie.

Allie’s Pedigree

Lake Hollow's LacyLake Hollow’s Lacy

Lacy is a beautiful black and white dog by Lake Hollow’s Dylan and Lake Hollow’s Sadie. She is a very natural bird dog and nice retriever with a really fine disposition.

Lacy’s Pedigree

Lake Hollow's ZoeyLake Hollow’s Zoey

Zoey is the product of seven generations of my own litters. She’s one of the most beautiful and superb dogs I have ever owned.

Zoey’s Pedigree

Lake Hollow's HattieLake Hollow’s Hattie

Hattie’s Pedigree